Buy Canon IP7200 Series Printer Head for iP7230 iP7240 iP7280 ip7210 MG5420 MG5450 and MG5460

This Part is to be used in the following Printers:

  • IP7210
  • IP7230
  • IP7240
  • IP7280
  • MG5420
  • MG5450 and
  • MG5460

Make sure to check that your printer needs a Print Head Replacement before you buy one because of the cost implication and the fact that Print Head don’t generally do well outside the printer, especially in hot or temperate regions.

I say this because if you discover that your Print head is ok after all, you may find it difficult to preserve.

If you look closely you will notice that the Print Head is usually moist when you unpack it for the first time. Unless you can find a way to preserve this moist please let it remain in the pack or inside your printer.

You can check out my previous post on how to prolong your Print Head live here. 

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