How to Resolve Invalid Email Address or Password in Jamb Portal

Fastest Method To Recover Jamb Password Recover Your Jamb Password in Seconds. Save Yourself the Emotional Stress of Jamb Email Password Error. Try this today. Type “PASSWORD” space and “YOUR EMAIL” and send to 55019

Fastest Method To Recover Jamb Password

Recover Your Jamb Password in Seconds.

Save Yourself the Emotional Stress of Jamb Email Password Error.

Try this today.

Type “PASSWORD” space and “YOUR EMAIL” and send to 55019 on the number you used for your Jamb Registration. This service will cost you N50. It does not matter if the email is correct, belongs to you or not. As long as that is what you have on your Jamb Slip (Printout). Read further to see what to do if your email is wrongly spelt.

How To Retrieve Your Jamb Profile Password - Click First Video Clip

What To Do If Your Jamb Profile Email is Wrong - Click Video Clip Below

Jambites! If you have just registered for the just concluded  Jamb registration and you found out that you could not login to your Jamb Profile (Either to Check result, Change Course or Institution, Retrieve Your Profile Code, etc), you are not alone.

Note: Watch the above videos to have a broader understanding of how to resolve the password issues.  I’m sure you will have a clear picture after you have seen the demonstration. Then you can come here and finish the reading.

There are basically two major reason for this error

  1. You misspelt your email address during the registration process

  2. You forgot your email/Profile password

I will proffer a simply solution here and hope that you can figure it out before Jamb starts sending the photocard for the exam proper.

If you found out that you misspelt your email there two things you can do.

  1. Create a new email address to match the misspelt email address. This will ensure that when Jamb sends you any mail in the future you will receive it.

  2. Go to the CBT centre where you registered for your Jamb and attempt to correct the error. 

But if your email address is correct but you forgot your email/profile password then follow these steps

  1. Get hold of the phone (number) you used when you were creating the email (9 out of 10 times gmail will require a valid phone number to create an email)
  2. Go to gmail interface

3. Click forget email and enter the phone number you used during the process of email creation

4. Enter your First name and Last name (Surname) in the space provided and click Next

5. Make sure you click SEND or else you will not receive any code (without which you can not recover your password)

6. If the info you provide here is correct, you will receive a code on that phone number.

7. Enter the code in the space provided and complete the remaining process.

Now if your email is correct and you have access (password) to your email, then login to your email and do these:

  1. In your email search boxGmail inbox mail search boxType ” Jamb Profile”
  2. Try and Find an Email from Jamb that contains your Profile Password. 

Watch the two videos above for detailed demonstration. Best of luck!

Wait! wait!! wait!!! One more twist, if you used an already existing email(someones mail) you can not recognise, then you have to rush to jamb office to get it fix before it is too late. You can try your CBT centre first maybe they can be of any help.

In this tutorial I have tried to answer the following questions:

  1. Can Jamb Profile Be Edited?
  2. How To Change Jamb Email Address or can jamb email be changed?

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189 thoughts on “How to Resolve Invalid Email Address or Password in Jamb Portal

  1. Thank you for any other informative site. The place else may I get that type of info written in such a perfect approach? I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now working on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

  2. I just realised my email was mispelt after writing jamb and seeing my result, I’ve opened a new one with the mispelt email buy I still could not log in. I was advised to change password which I did but I haven’t been able to see any verification in my mails , pls help me out as I’m very confused I don’t know what to do

    1. Sorry for the error. I understand what you mean (going through). The question is, what exactly do you want do? Reprint slip? Change institution? Change course? Print Admission Letter, Print Result?
      Have you been able to log in?

      1. I misspelt my email address in my jamb registration. I have check my jamb result my screening result I made mistake on my email address pls how can I check my admission status? is there no option? can I use only registration number? am confused or sir can you help me to check it nd inbox me? am so confused.

        1. The solution to the problem is two fold.
          1. You have to keep using the “mistake” like that, login with that email and the password you created during your jamb registration.
          2. Create a new email address to match the email on your jamb slip, so that you can access future info from jamb or your school.

          Hope that helps?

      2. I have almost the same issue with him but mine I can’t print my acceptance letter cuz my email can’t be logged in to

      3. Good day sir my problem is almost the same with osasu pls how can d officials in unical b able to login to my jamb account without using my email details

  3. I just realised my email was mispelt after writing jamb and seeing my result, I’ve opened a new one with the mispelt email buy I still could not log in. I was advised to change password which I did but I haven’t been able to see any verification in my mails , and I want to check my admission status

    1. Even though it is mispelt, it will still work as it is. keep using it like that. thank God you have been able to create a new email to match what you have.

  4. I can’t access my jamb portal even if I’ve been spelling it correctly it keeps saying invalid email and There is no record with such email, please what do I do?

    1. Having same issue can’t access my nysc Portal z saying invalid email or password n dT z wat hv bin using buh can’t access it plssss I nid help

      1. Walk into any nearby Cyber Cafe or Business Centre, If they know their onions you should be able to resolve the issue in 20 minutes. All the best.

  5. i am confused now i dont know if i am in trouble now…i used another email apart from d one from jamb to register for eksu post utme pls help me

    1. No problem, just make sure you have password to the two emails, if possible you can login to eksu and change the email address in your profile

      1. Sir pls pardon my intruding…so sir your saying it’s okay and there is no cause for alarm…cos am planning on doing same thing…

  6. I went to jamb office at bwari yesterday and gave my complaint that my password was invalid so this afternoon they sent me a reset code but I was able to use that reset code to login in my email to check my admission status can I still use that same code at any time?

    1. Dear Hassan, did I hear you say “Reset code”?. The essence of that is for you to RESET your password. Once you have done that, you have to start using the new password you have created. Hope that helps.

  7. Pls am unable to login into my jamb portal.I used a wrong email address and since 2016 I be been trying to print my jamb result but can’t it still possible for me 2 see my jamb admission letter.

    1. Thanks for your question, and sorry for the stress you have been thru. Just head to jamb office closest to you and explain your case, they will have solution to it. Please do it before it is too late and more complicated. All the best

  8. Good evening, please Sir I need your help. I lost the phone I use when registering for jamb and now I can’t login to my jamb profile because I don’t know the email and password. Ever when I enter the email on my jamb print out it keeps saying invalid password. What should I do Sir

    1. Sorry Dear. Let me just answer you as straight as possible. First, all you need is your user name (which is usually your email address) and your password. You can get this information in your email. Jamb usually send it to your email upon successful creation of jamb profile. So try it this way. Try to open your mail first and look for it there or go back to your CBT centre where you did your registration. If you need more info let me know

  9. Please I registered with somebody’s email for DE . I forgot to continue the processes with that same email ….I used my own email after for uploading and other payments
    I checked my admission status with my email ….last year reg number showed up instead of this year

    I used the other email ….it was invalid ….my friends got admission already
    What do I do

  10. Please I registered for De with a friend’s email when I discovered I couldn’t use my own email address because I’ve used it the previous year.

    Subsequently I unconsciously used that same previous email to complete the processes ….like uploading of results and others .
    To check my caps the previous reg number showed up …..with admission

    I input the friends email I used they wrote invalid

    Please what do I do ? My friends got admissions already.

  11. I have a question and I will be very glad id you reply

    The problem is my sister is processing her admission into OAU… so I want to help her check her admission status then she told me that she can’t remember her password

    So I log in to jamb site and requests for a new password with her gmail and date of birth
    Then they said a password reset link has been sent to her gmail.. I checked her gmail but couldn’t find anything

    I have been trying that since like 2 days ago and I am confused

    I don’t know what to do

  12. I have a question and I will be very glad id you reply

    The problem is my sister is processing her admission into OAU… so I want to help her check her admission status then she told me that she can’t remember her password

    So I log in to jamb site and requests for a new password with her gmail and date of birth
    Then they said a password reset link has been sent to her gmail.. I checked her gmail but couldn’t find anything

    I have been trying that since like 2 days ago and I am confused

    I don’t know what to do

    1. If you have this type of problem please don’t panic. First, when you request for password reset you are supposed to get it, otherwise it might be a network issue or from the jamb site. Most times the user name and password is inside that same gmail because they (jamb) usually send it immediately you register, so check that mail very well or type “jamb” in the search box it will bring everything about jamb in your mail.
      If you try that and it does not work then go to the CBT centre. Most CBT centres use generic password like JAMB2018, JAMB, FAVOUR, SURNAME, ETC. Try it and let me know.

    2. Pls the person that registered my jamb made a mistake while typing my email address…. The mistake came when he was supposed to type “” he type “” instead
      I checked my email no message from Jamb… Pls how do I go about it

  13. Sir please i wanted to do the changing of institution and course i typed my email address and password correctly but it’s saying no record sir please i need ur helo right now

    1. Check your email, the login info is lurking somewhere, type “Jamb” in the search box and search or visit your CBT centre

  14. hello I can’t open my jamb portal because my email was misspelled during registration.. ND I tried creating a new one but I still can’t login pls Wat should I do

    1. Check your email, the login info is lurking somewhere, type “Jamb” in the search box and search or visit your CBT centre

  15. I put in the correct email address and password but it keeps on showing invalid password or email. I’m bummed because I can’t seem to figure out the problem. Help me out if you can, I need to check my admission status

  16. I used the same email address i used last year and can’t able to access this year’s dashboard to print or accept my admission later

  17. I used the same email i used last year for utme for direct entry registration and its not showing the new jamb registration number please what can i do help out please…

  18. If you want to have a special center to write your jamb exam for 2019/2020 academy session contact Mr Bayo on 09056873597 to make your dreams come through

    1. you can ignore the mistake, if you still have access to your jamb portal no problem. If not, then you may have to head either to your CBT centre (where you did the registration) or Jamb office closest to you.
      I wish you the best

  19. I used the email I used to register last year to register this year and I haven’t been able to log in to my profile, pls what do I do

  20. Someone should please help. I used same mail and same number used by my brother when he wanted to apply for Jamb 2 years ago. The issue here is that its my brother profile that is being shown and not mine. Please what is the way out

  21. I mistakenly used my mum’s phone number to request for the jamb profile code and now its showing my brothers email and date of birth please can I still change it

  22. please i used an invalid email address in my jamb 2019 registration and the they have shutdown the email
    i dnt kw what to do
    bt i do use that email and password to view my profile
    i dnt kw if it is possible to change email

  23. I used the same email I used to register last year and now o can’t login to my profile with the email address and new password.

    Please help!!!

    1. There is no reason why it should not login. If your details are correct it must surely login. Please contact you CBT centre to retrieve your password.

      If you need further assistance call me.


  24. I mistake use the same number I use last two year ago to register this year. Pls how can I do, can I create a new one with another number to represent it, pls am confused I need someone help?

    1. I have read your mail, unless you are ready to go Jamb office and effect the changes you just have to leave it like that. Most actions will happen in your Jamb Profile. You will have the opportunity to correct the email address when you are filling for your Post Jamb.

      But if you are still skeptical, you can reach out to the owner of that email and plead that he/her should always forward any jamb / School related mails to you, and hope he/her cooperates.

      Best of luck.

      Mr. Dat

  25. pls the gmail I used for lamb registration was not real..I.e the person That helped me create it didnt do it well and I can’t log in..pls what can I do

  26. Please I registered with the number I used last year and it brought my details… The registrar said there nothing to do and now I can’t log in on my jamb profile
    Please help

    1. I don’t think I understand you clearly, but one thing you have to get is your PROFILE user name (usually your email address) and the PROFILE Password (The Registrar as you call him/her SHOULD/MUST give you that). So tell whoever registered you to provide your profile details, with that you are ok

  27. I filled a mistakenly slept email for my jamb
    Now I have opened the mispelt email bit It is not even showing dat I bought jamb

    1. Well, its not a problem. Its like calling a person when the phone was off, the mail must have bounced back. Unfortunately too, its not like SMS that will hang for sometime and enter when the phone comes up. You will only receive new messages. Meanwhile, you have to protect your Profile Email and Password with everything you got. Don’t misplace it o!

  28. Pls sir…I misspelt my Gmail….but I have access to my jamb profile.
    I just want to know if it would affect me later on?

  29. I misspelt my email address when registering for jamb I don’t know what to do
    Because all have been hearing what u can correct is your name choice of institutions and others what do I do

  30. Please sir, I have a serious problem I no longer have access to the mail account I used to register for jamb please what should I do sir, is it possible for me to edit my jamb profile and replace the email address?

  31. I was told to create a jamb profile before my jamb registration which i did using my airtel line.unfortunately when i want to generate my e-pin, i discovered my airtel wasn’t going so i was told to use my glo which i did. During my registration my phone number and email was requested and i provide my airtel number and my jamb profile email,these was rejected as the computer display invalid link and it provides another email automatically using my glo number the email was confirmed in my print out, but since i can’t acces this email provide by the computer what should i do?

  32. Pls sir, I used the same email address to register for this 2018 and 2017 and now I only see my 2017 result how can I resolve this.

      1. What you check is the profile code, if its for 2019 you are good,if not there is a problem. Visit jamb office or any CBT centre

  33. the email that d cybercafe man put for me is wrong and somebody else…..i cant login to my profile. please what do i do sir

  34. Sir,I can’t log in to my jamb portal with the password that I was given. I’ve been trying to reset password but its saying the page has been removed. Sir I’m so confused I don’t know what to do,please tell me what to do!

    1. If the password is not working please go back to the CBT centre where you registered and demand for the correct password. Meanwhile note that some centres use simple password like: JAMB2019, 123456, YOUR PHONE NUMBER, NAME, ETC, Try any of those.

      Another important thing to note is that you can get your password and user name (your email) in your email box. Immediately you register Jamb will forward those info to you.

      Try all these suggestions and get back to me. Best of luck.


  35. pls I used someone’s else email and I can’t reach the person and I called the jamb officials but they said they don’t correct email how do I go about it

  36. During my registration i used the same phone number i used last year and the email of last year automatically entered i only change the password..and i noticed that is the same profile code of last year there use to generate this years pin for me and now i cant login to my portal to do anything. pls what am i going to do

    1. There is nothing wrong with your registration, your exam details are as follows:
      Examination Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019 By 07:00AM
      Examination Centre Name: PTDF E-Resourcess Centre, University Of Uyo, town Campus Annex (opposite faculty of law)Akwa Ibom State

      1. Sir what if i want to do my change of institution how am i going to do cause i cant login to the portal

  37. hi everyone my name is chinyere from anambra state i have been on this forum for a while now; i have wrote jamb five times now i could not get the cut of mark, i have been looking for a way to upgrade my scores all to no avail till five days ago when i came across testimonies of so many people talking about mis grace 09052695605 from so many people that she help them to upgrade their score and i call her 09052695605 immediately she ask me for details of my result which i did not up to 2 hours i receive a message from the jamb office that my score has been upgraded from 198 to 300 all thanks to miss grace you can contact her if you also want to upgrade your jamb score or you want jamb question and answers / waec question and answers she can also upgrade your waec for you, call her on: 09052695605

  38. Mine is this, I applied DE 2017 I was not given, I then applied 2018 I was given admission but to accept and print out admission letter it’s showing 2017 profile which o was not given admission

  39. But the email is on my slip and it is correct but I try to log in with it but its response invalid email or password ..please what can I do to check my result oooo and ,12 /4/019 have jamb releases it. ?

  40. I used the same email for 2018 and 2019 jamb.I have forgotten the 2019 password, so after resetting the password it always bring me back to 2018 jamb profile

  41. Please I tried to login into jamb portal with my email and password…. Its telling me password or email incorrect and I didn’t forget or spell anything wrong… When I pressed forgot password and tried to get a new one… It was saying the site is not available or its name has been changed… Please help me I’m confused

  42. I register for last year jamb and I did not make it so I still register for this year2019, I use thesame mobile number and email so when I want to login in my portal they are telling me that it invalid email or password but everything is correct …am so confused now

  43. I used the email on jamb for my course of institution……an information was sent to it based on screening payment of the institution but I can’t log in to my account… please help me out

  44. Good morning everyone, am Dada Abosede Elizabeth. I mispelt my email address during registration.Trying to login but it wasnt working ,in the process,I used my last year jamb email address to obtain FUOYE post utme form.But now have created an email address with the mis-spelt username for jamb.Now having two different email address on both jamb portal and school portal. Is it advisable?

    1. Just pick the one that works and continue with that. If you have access to the two mails then better. Goodluck

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  46. Am having issue logging in into my jamb profile,, my Email n password z very correct but still saying invalid Email or invalid password

      1. Go back to your CBT centre and ask them for your password, most of the CBT centres have generic password eg JAMB2019, 12345, 123456789, 12345678, YOUR NAME, SURNAME, PHONE NUMBER ETC…

  47. I am not able to login…and all my letters are correct but I had not registered the account before I just did now but I am not able to log into it in jamb portal.what should I do?

  48. I am unable to login to jamb caps with my email and my details are correct and still saying invalid email or password, but am able to use this same email to check my result. Pls what should I do? Very urgent pls.

    1. Make sure another person has not used this same email for jamb registration, this can cause it to behave like this. If you are absolutely sure its not the case then try another system or visit the CBT centre for clarification. Remember also that this details has been sent to your mail during registration, you may want to compare with the info you have been entering all this while.

  49. Please I need help, during my registration the person made a mistake with my email address and now I can’t login with it to check my admission status, I don’t know the password, I wasn’t even able to use it in checking my result please sir help me

    1. First you have to understand something here, once there is a mistake in the way your email address is spelt you are stuck with it. Don’t enter another thing (the correct email) when you are trying to login or check your result . The best you can do is to create a new mail to match the existing email. Also note that the email that is known to Jamb is on your Slip, use that to check your result or use your reg number.
      Visit your CBT centre to retrieve your password.
      Or try these generic password; 12345, 123456, 1234567, 12345678, 123456789, 1234567890, JAMB2019, jamb2019, SURNAME, YOUR NAME, ETC.
      Good luck!

  50. Hello
    Please I used last year(2018) email for my registration this year (2019). Though have not had any issue ever since.But I checked my CAPS recently and discovered that last year(2019) details is still there instead of this year’s

    1. What you check is the profile code, if its for 2019 you are good,if not there is a problem. Visit jamb office or any CBT centre

  51. I misplace my email and password, , and I have open a new 1 with same name, , but still cant access my jamb profile, I verify the email, , but no mail was sent to me, , I really want to knw if jamb has given m admission

    1. Try some of the common passwords like: surname, your first name, 123456-9, phone number, etc or visit the CBT centre to retrieve it

  52. Pls sir,I have two different email addresses for jamb registration and Oou post utme registration.I was able to access my jamb profile though I don’t just know if the difference in email addresses can affect sending of my admission details to jamb. Both emails are working perfectly

  53. I have try to create a Gmail that match the misspelled Gmail account I used to register jamb but it kept telling me that this username has been used.

    1. Then send an email to the owner of that email asking the person to help you forward the jamb login details to the new mail you will (should) provide

  54. pls sir i need ur reply.its a matter of the ultmost urgency..
    i used 2018 jamb email for 2019 jamb registration but with a new password while i cant login to my profile with the new password i used in registering(this is the same password jamb sent to my email as my 2019 password)
    but i can open my profile with the previous 2018 jamb password.
    the worst part of it is that the school i applied for cant get access to my O’level.i dont know if jamb gave the school the invalid 2019 new password which i introduced while registering and which jamb recognize as my profile password

    1. This is serious o . concentrate on the profile code. What you check is the profile code, if its for 2019 you are good,if not there is a problem. Visit jamb office or any CBT centre

  55. a continuation of the above…

    i dont know if resting the 2018 password (which can log into my profile) to 2019 password (which is recognized by jamb) could enable the school to see my waec upload

  56. Please sir
    I used Sam number I used Last 2 years for this year’s jamb
    Have been given admission in school but can’t accept it in jamb cap cuz it keep saying invalid email or password

    1. The school admission is the most important, the jamb side will reflect when the system is updated. But if you have lost your jamb login details then you have to look for a way to retrieve it, you can visit your CBT centre

  57. When ever my sis login on jamb portal it will show the previous year instead of 2019
    And she didn’t partake for last year jamb
    Please I need a reply its urgent

    1. If that is the case then it might be a system error, just ignore the date. But if the profile code is different then quickly contact jamb for correction.

  58. Admission into our institution for the 2019/2020 academic session is ongoing and in progress.Contact the school admission office directly on 08089975770 for assistance on your admission processing or to confirm your 2019/2020 academic session admission statues.

  59. I my email was misspelled during jamb reg without my knowledge not until nw dat I want to check my admission status I couldn’t access it,pls wat can I do

  60. I want to check my admission status my with m e.mail it’s writing invalid but if I add account to another person’s phone it’s working please help me ooo

    1. If it is working on another device then the problem is from your device, check it properly, maybe the button or something. Or you can type it elsewhere then copy and paste so that you can see what you are typing perhaps you can spot the error.

  61. please sir/ma , am having a serious problem with my jamb email address, although when I registered for jamb this year I created yahoo email but anytime I try using the email to log in my jamb profile they keep on telling me that the email is invalid, but I have received confirmation code from jamb to reset my account but am still confused, I don’t know if I should create another email account using gmail or I should continue with the yahoo email , please help me , I ‘m losing hope and tired.

  62. hello sir please I need your help concerning my jamb email address . I tried logging in to my jamb profile but it says invalid email , so I tried resetting it and jamb sent me a confirmation code and told me to continue with my profile creation and after every thing if try to sign up it won’t work. so please tell me what else to do about it.

  63. I used the same email address I used 2017to register for 2020 jamb but I am seeing the profile code for this year hope it won’t affect me

  64. I used an SIM card that they have already used for jamb
    Now uniagri have given me admission to accept it on jamb caps is a big problem
    Pls what should I do

    1. I used the email I used for last year for my profile creation; and what it’s displaying is the profile code for this year, hope there is no problem

  65. Hello , pls i misspelt my email address in my jamb registration, i went to d cbt center to correct it but they told me i cant change it that i should leave it like that, so pls what can i do about it

  66. At my jamb portal I was told the password was not correct and I have been trying to rests my password but not going they said the page is currently not available what shuld I do pls

  67. Please am in trouble oooo
    Whenever i tried to login to my profile it shows invalid email/password but there’s is no errors in my email exactly what is in my jamb slip no change and am still using my email for other things.
    Please how do i go with this issue??? I need help i can’t login to my portal

  68. My identification was not valid but I registered I didn’t that the examination, my finger prints was not valid so what should I do now and they have taken the exam and am left out

  69. I registered with my email last year, but didn’t take the exam,
    So this year I registered with same email, I was given new code and password.
    But am finding it difficult to access my profile now.
    If I login I will see the details of last year own, I can’t see this year own

  70. I want to do change of institution and if I enter the Gmail account I used for jamb they use to tell me that these account did not register for jamb what should I do now?

  71. As of last year, registering for jamb was like my top priority because I wanted to get in school so bad. but now, my younger sister was looking forward to register herself this year, and just to avoid the stress that i had to go through last year, we had to go online looking for means on how to register for Jamb. well, thanks alot, your site has really been useful, you gave me some important information that i have found very useful. plus your site is great by the way. If you want to check out some other interesting details on Jamb, then check out How to Check Jamb score, and How to score 300 in JAMB. so far these links has also been very useful to me.
    if the link above does not work, use the ones below >>>

  72. I mistakenly used my sister’s email account to register for jamb,now her date of birth and email account is on my jamb profile and now I’m unable to print my admission letter cuz she has used it before.
    Pls what can I do to change it to my own profile

  73. I wanted to login to know my admission status but my password is showing another owner of the email address with different password not allowing me to login.
    Pls sir help me

  74. 1.After creating the new email or rather correcting the error in your email,do you still need to visit a jamb cbt center?
    2. What if the email you’ve been putting is correct with the one on your jamb slipt but it’s still showing invalid email,and you are sure that is your email,If you try creating a new email,or try and follow the process you said above ,will it have any effect on your jamb profile?

  75. last year 2020 i wrote jamb a friend of mine went and use the same email to register for jamb with me unknowly to me ,and now i have written my utme at unn for me to log in and fill my o”level result instead of my details to show instead hers is the one showing please please what should i do now before it get too late.

  76. My email address was misspelled wrongly and I’ve tried creating to match it but it seems impossible and I can’t access my caps

  77. Have issue in printing my result slip, if I go to ‘get status’ to continue, my details there will be blank and won’t allow me to print it

  78. The email I use to open my jamb has been disabled is there a way I can change or get my result without the use of email

  79. I forget my email and password and I don’t have the number that was used to process my jamb is there way I can login to my jamb portal and have access to it

  80. Pls I can’t access my jamb portal even if I put in the email address it keeps saying invalid I tried getting my profile code and they aren’t responding I’m a 2020 candidate pls I need help

  81. I’ve been trying to login to my jamb portal it keeps saying invalid password I tried resetting the password and its saying reset password link have been sent to your email but I can’t see it in my email and I need the password to print my jamb admission letter

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