How to Print Plastic ID Card with Canon iP7240

How to Print Plastic ID Card with Canon iP7240 If you have used or seen the iP7240 being used to print papers, photos, CDs etc you would not be wrong or asking too much if

How to Print Plastic ID Card with Canon iP7240

If you have used or seen the iP7240 being used to print papers, photos, CDs etc you would not be wrong or asking too much if you dared to wonder if that was all it could do. These questions have crossed the heart of millions of canon user’s, and one of such question is if this printer can really print a quality plastic ID card.

PVC printing used to be the exclusive reserve of FORGO printers and other expensive machine, not to talk of the high maintenance cost, expensive parts, expertise needed, expensive consumables and delicate nature of these expensive machines and the printhead, but thanks to the incredible power and versatility of the iP7240.

You can now setup a Plastic ID Printing outfit with a small budget! All you need need are

Requirement for Plastic ID Printing:

  • Printer
  • ID Tray
  • PVC Card
  • ID Card Template

Step to Take When Printing The ID Card:

Finished ID Production

PIXMA iP7240

My Opinion on the PIXMA iP7240 ID Printing Output

I think that the iP7240 (72 40) is one of the best ID Card Printer in its class. It’s finished product can compare with any printer out there. To even know that it is 10 times cheaper to other ID Card printers make it a bargain especially for small users and new start ups. Why am I saying this? Because I have been using this product for at least three years now. It has proven to be reliable and durable. The ID print quality is as good as (if not better than) any inkjet CD Printer out there.

It is important to state here that you can actually use this printer to:

  • Print on CD/DVD
  • Print Photo
  • Print (any thing regular printers can print)
  • Print on Edible material (with edible ink)

You can follow this link to see a more detailed description of this productClick here to Buy the Printer and ID Card Accessories.

Click here to learn how to refill the Canon CD/ID Card Printer cartridge

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89 thoughts on “How to Print Plastic ID Card with Canon iP7240

  1. Mr. Archibong, good post. I have the iP 7240 printer, and every other thing needed to print the plastic ID card. but I do not have the Template, how do I get it? could you help? Thanks

    1. The template is a coreldraw file which you can get in your mail if you pay(2k) for it. It will be followed by instruction on how to use it, though it is simple to implement if you are an advanced Coreldraw user.

      1. Hello sir, the laptop i normally connect my canon ip7240 was formatted by someone using the system. now i am finding it difficult to set it. that is the printing aspect. whenever i send the designed work to be printed it is only the A4 paper that is printed. what do i do?

        1. If I get you correctly, you are trying to set up the printing template for ID right? What you have to do is order for the template from me. Everything is already set out for you. Just make sure you have CorelDraw installed on your PC.

      1. Am also having issues on how to print out plastic id card, not having the template, how can I get it and of CD/DVD also

  2. Good morning, please how do I set the id card printing on my laptop. The laptop was formatted, so I need reset it so that I can print Id card.

  3. my i.d card templet take about 8 to 10 minutes before it opens whenever i want to lunch it and printout i.d card. why? whats is the solution to that?

    1. Two things may be responsible for this. The first is that you may have a lot of previous ID design on that page. You need to delete all those designs to reduce the document weight or just save the template with a new name without those designs and only bring in what you wish to print.
      The second may be that your sstem configuration is low maybe in Memory of Disk space.

    1. PVC + Template = N15,000
      One pack of PVC contains 230 pcs.

      I need to know your location so that I can add the cost of shipment to it. Or you may want to come pick it yourself.

  4. Gudmorning Sir, Am ola a graphics designer, i wanted to print i d card on my canon printer ip7240, how do i set the page setup and margin pls sir

    1. Please make your message very clear.
      Is it ID Card plastic (PVC) you need or the ID Card tray?
      Is it CD Tray or the software (Corel Template) ?

      I need to know your location so that I can add the cost of shipment to it. Or you may want to come pick it yourself.

      You can mail me . or call : 07066546868

  5. Sir

    How do i get the tray for he ID card printing from the IP7240 printer

    Is it the same tray used for c.d or which one


    1. please who has the template on how to print on plastic id card using canon ip7240 pls kindly assist….
      effiong to the rescue

  6. Good morning, I want to get a Canon iP7240 pixma printer plastic I’d card tray, cd tray and the template. where is your office?

    1. My office is at Surulere area of Lagos. I also have a pickup centre at Ikeja. Just let me know when you are ready and the location you prefer .

    1. No! It does not fade or wipe, just make sure you use the right materials (especially good quality ink) and don’t expose it to excessive heat.

    1. Yes, the template is designed in coreldraw. Its really doesn’t need too much skills like that, you can still design in illustrator and print in corel once you have the template

  7. good day. please i want to know how long the ink of ip7240 will last before it finishes. can it print all the 230 pvc card before it finishes?

    1. If you are using your printer exclusively for ID Card maybe, but then other factors must be considered like the background colour/image. My advice is get extra inks in case of emergency.

        1. THe Template is N2,000 while the inks are of different grades for N1,500 and N2,500. It comes in 100ml bottles and has 5 bottles in a set.

  8. i have done everything right / with my canon 7240 but the machine is not printing pvc card despite that i have the template on corelDraw but it telling me that user intervention is need, pls help….

    1. Sorry about the stress. Ok, straight to the problem now. First there are many reasons why the printer will say ‘user intervention’ check to know the underlying cause of that before you proceed with your printing. Possible things to check are;
      1. Make sure the CD tray compartment is closed before you click print
      2. Printer cartridges are properly in place and filled with inks
      3. No printing error on the printing queue before sending a new job
      If you have checked these thing and it is still showing the error, give me a call ASAP!

    1. The template is N2,000. You will make payment into our account if you are interested and we will mail it to you.

  9. Please am a reseller I will need the I’d card Tray , PVC and the template upto 5 each how can one locate your office

      1. Archibong, please I have this printer which I bought in June 2018, I want to sell it to buy the small passport printer. Thanks

  10. I bought canon pixma ip7240 about a week ago. I got frustrated with the printer as I could not print id card with it. Then I had to google for help, fortunately I visited this site. I was told by Archibong to pay 2k into his account and I did without wasting time. Archibong sent the template into my mail box after receiving the 2k. I tried the printing and it printed. Canon pixma ip7240 is a very good printer with good quality printing. Thanks to you Archibong. I am grateful for your help.

    1. I’m having the same issue with my printer as well sir, and i already have the template. Please i need your help, how did you do it, help a brother.

  11. Hello all,
    Please I have this Canon pixma ip7240 inkjet printer, I bought it in June 2018.
    I want to sell it to buy the small passport printer.
    The printer is still intact
    If you’re interested contact me on 07033250417
    Many thanks

  12. Please Mr. Archibong l bought iP7240 printer for ID Cards production but i keep getting error messages like ‘PRINTER CANNOT BE READY BECAUSE IT’S INNER COVER IS OPEN? What am i to do to print ID Cards. Thanks.

  13. Please Mr. Archibong l bought iP7240 printer and the tray for ID Cards production but i keep getting error messages like ‘PRINTER CANNOT BE READY BECAUSE IT’S INNER COVER IS OPEN? What am i to do to print ID Cards. Thanks. Klannah

  14. Hello brother, please I need your help. can you operate my laptop via TeamViewer? I want to print an ID card but I’m having a template problem. and I don’t have enough PVC cards at hand. I tried it but the print didn’t fit on the id card, I am not very good with operating computers.

  15. I’m a new user. Please how is the PVC placed on the tray? Is it face-up or face-down. I noticed that CDs are placed face-down. If PVCs are placed face-down they will fall off. Please help.

      1. Evening brother. How much is ur CD tray and ID template? Do I have to buy another software for ID card and CD printing or the same software installed for photo will do just that.

  16. Hello Mr Archibong ,
    I just purchased the full business package. Do I still need the template?
    And the extra ink, is it the 5 that is 2500?
    And how much is extra pack of pvc cards?
    And I thought the video was on how to use the printer itself. Could u pls post a video on how to use the printer?

  17. Hello sir, i have an issue with my new canon iP7240. Whenever i send an ID card for printing it doesn’t push the Id tray inside and when i push it myself for printing. it gives me a notice of paper jam. it hasn’t printing ID card since i bought it.
    What could be the problem sir, and do i need to do?
    Thank you.

  18. I just procured this machine. I’m having a very tough time to get it installed. After all ceremonies of installation, it keep communicating with the system without any success. Please help.

    1. Yes it can print very well on ID Card Material. You should note that ID card (PVC) are of two types – ribbon and inkjet, so choose carefully.

  19. My printer refuses to print out ID cards even when d tray is set to printable CD others, pls how do I resolve this issue? It kept telling me to insert the CD tray even when Printable Disc recommended is not selected

  20. i discovered that the output colour is lighter than the design (corel draw) colour. I use fargo to print outside before i bought this one, but the colour output is not the same.

    1. If the colour is the problem just increase the darkness or colour intensity. As concerning the quality, they are not the same, fargo is still the best, no contest about that.

    1. N55,000. But the price keep moving up based on the current economic realities. Hopefully, it will stabilize at some point.

  21. Good day sir please I need the is design template and also your phone number so as to communicate with you via Whatsapp

    1. +2347066546868. Thank you for your interest in the Canon IP7240 ID card Template. I assure you of its simplicity of use.

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