How to Extend The Life Span of Your Canon Printer Head

Before you discard your printer head try getting a new set of cartridge, might just be what you need.

Canon Printer Head

Dear Canon Printer User, do you wish to prolong the life of your printer head? Are you tired of replacing your printer head frequently? Are your print heads missing some colours?

Well, it turns out that machines are not so much different from other important things in life. with little tweak and adjustment here and there you can achieve longer life for your printhead.


Genuine Canon Inks

One of the most important things to note when trying to prolong your printhead life is the quality of the ink you use on your printer. Some inks are termed Generic while some are Specific or Specialised. The later means they are made for a specific brand, taking into consideration the characteristics of the printer vis-a-vis the printhead. So high quality ink translate to longer printer head life.


Clogged Printer Cartridges

The second thing I have also discovered about printer head is that it hardly fails on its own. So when you notice a missing colour don’t just rush to discard your printhead, it might be a faulty cartridge or cartridges. Faulty cartridges (sensors) may send wrong signal to the printer board or it might refuse to release inks due to dryness of clogging.


Print Result Pattern for Clogged and Unclogged Printer Head

Before you discard your printer head try getting a new set of cartridge, might just be what you need. A little flush with clean rushing water might also do the magic of unclogging your printer head.


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How To Refill Canon Ink Cartridges

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