March 2, 2018/by datplace

Jambites! If you have just registered for the just concluded 2017/2018  Jamb registration and you found out that you could not login you are not alone.

There are basically two major reason for this error

  1. You misspelt your email address during the registration process
  2. You forgot your email password

I will profer a simply solution here and hope that you can figure it out before Jamb starts sending the photocard for the exam proper.

If you found out that you misspelt your email there two things you can do.

  1. Create a new email address to match the misspelt email address. This will ensure that when Jamb sends you any mail in the future you will receive it.
  2. Go to the CBT centre where you registered for your Jamb and attempt to correct the error. 

But if your email address is correct but you forgot your email password then follow these steps

  1. Get hold of the phone (number) you used when you were creating the email (9 out of 10 times gmail will require a valid phone number to create an email)
  2. Go to gmail interface

3. Click forget email and enter the phone number you used during the process of email creation

4. Enter your First name and Last name (Surname) in the space provided and click Next

5. Make sure you click SEND or else you will not receive any code (without which you can not recover your password)

6. If the info you provide here is correct, you will receive a code on that phone number.

7. Enter the code in the space provided and complete the remaining process

Best of luck!

Wait! wait!! wait!!! One more twist, if you used an already existing email(someones mail) you can not recognise, then you have to rush to jamb office to get it fix before it is too late. You can try your CBT centre first maybe they can be of any help.

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