The Best (Stable and Signal Strength) Internet Service in Lagos, Nigeria.

In my over 10 years of using internet, I believe I can boldly point to one or two ISPs that are worth considering if you are really tired of bad internet and signal just as I was some time ago.

My office can conveniently qualify as a museum for modems and the sort. I have used almost all the Internet companies (ISPs) in this town and I know their strength and weaknesses.

Today I will be focusing on the best two based on my experience with these ISPs. My criteria are based on 4 basic factors that I think are very critical before you can finally settle on picking an ISP.

  1. Stability

  2. Signal Strength

  3. Coverage Area

  4. Customer Service

Before I proceed, I will like to quickly say again that this is based on personal experience and feedback from friends and colleagues.

Also note that your location can greatly influence the performance of some data services. Congestion is another big issue ISPs need to pay great attention to. For instance if few people are using a service at a given time, the speed will be extremely fast, but when more people join the network without the Internet Service Provider (ISP) increasing their bandwidth for that location then people will begin to experience slow connection in that area.

ISP Comparision
Internet Service ProviderCobranet (UGO)MTN (Hynet)
StabilityWhen it comes to stability of signal whether is stormy weather of thunder storm, cobranet service will be there for you. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage that aspect spectacularly.

Score = 97

When it comes to internet stability MTN has turned a corner. They are very stable now, though they occassionally go down during bad weather but service is usually restored as soon as possible.

Score = 95

Signal In areas where they are, their signal strength is usually very strong. Note that there are things that can interfere with your signal at times like interference from something.

Score = 95

In areas where they are, their signal strength is usually very strong. No matter where you are MTN will 90 out of 100 of the time have the strongest signal.

Score = 98

Coverage AreaThey cover most part of Lagos.

Score = 70

They cover all part of Lagos.

Score = 99

Customer ServiceThis is where ISPs are made or marred. When you are in distress and you can not get through to your ISP to get explanation on what is going on, it can be hell. Cobranet blase the trail on this. They will pick your call on the first or second attempt. They will call you back to confirm after the issue has been resolved.

Score = 98

This is one of the most improved aspect of MTN service. This is the major reason I left MTN the first time. You can be on call waiting for the whole day. Well, maybe because they are so big and have a lot of people on cue but who cares? Thankfully you can call and get a response within few minutes/attempt.

Score = 85

SpeedWithout the incentive of speed we may as well deliver our mail by postal service. Speed is everything. Cobranet is king in terms of speed. They are among the fastest internet service companies around.

Score = 97

You can not be the biggest network without being the biggest Data provider, so forget that grand master of data talk. MTN is the king maker of Data! Nobody beats MTN when it comes to internet speed, you can take that to the bank.

Score = 99


What did you expect?

Cobranet is a little different from other network because its involves an initial setup cost apart from the cost of the modem and subscription.

Score = Loading


What did you expect?

The cost involved is only for modem and your subscription.

Score = Loading

Get your MTN or Cobranet Modem today and start enjoying great internet connection.

Drop a comment about your experience with ISPs.