Video Editing

Video Editing

Video Editing

Do you have a video you want to edit? Is it still in your camera, memory card, hard disk or tape? Or you have an already edited video that you wish to re-edit? Are you looking for a video editor or where to edit your video?

At DAT Studio we can give your video a pro touch, to bring out the real beauty in your event coverage. 

Some of our services includes:

  • Intro/Montage
  • Video Menu to ease section selection
  • Special effects 
  • Colour correction
  • Censorship like blurring out explicit content
  • Merging multiple video clips (multi cam)
  • Slide shows
  • etc

We are located in Surulere Area of Lagos.

Our address


Twin Plaza, No. 108 Lawanson Road, opp AKTC Park, Ojuelegba, Lagos.

07066546868, 09069628223

Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Small London, Surulere, Lagos.

09069628223, 07066546868

You deserve to be happy anytime you watch your event videos… Mr. Dat

Dat Cyber Café & Business Centre


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All Post Utme Screening/ Registration for Colleges of Education, Polytechnics & Universities 2018/2019

2018/2019 Post Utme Registration/Screening

At the time of writing this post more than 79% of Nigerian tertiary institutions admitting students through Jamb Utme and DE have either started their Admission Screening Registration or have already concluded the process.

If you are yet to register for the 2018/2019 Post Utme Screening Exercise please quickly visit your preferred school website to be sure you have not missed the Registration process.

We are committed to giving you valuable and up to date information on on going Registration and exams concerning this year’s Registration/Screening process.

Good luck as you keep pressing on to secure yourself a better and brighter future.

For assistance on your Registration you can contact us at the following addresses.



Twins Plaza, 108, Lawanson Road, opp AKTC park, Ojuelegba.

07066546868, 09069628223


Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Small London, Shitta, Surulere.

09069628223, 07066546868


YabaTech Post UTME Registration 2018/2019 now on.

Good news to those of you who have been waiting for Yaba  Tech Post Utme Screening Form 2018/2019..

The form is out and selling for N2,000. But you have to set aside N1,500 for the result verification process on a later date.

If you need assistance in completing your form or a cyber cafe or business centre to do your registration, contact us at the following addresses nearest to you.

SurulereDAT Cafe

Twins Building, No. 108 Lawanson Road, opp AKTC Transport, Ojuelegba.

07066546868, 09069628223

DAT Café

Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Small London,

Surulere, Lagos.

09069628223,  07066546868


People’s Cafe

7, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos.



Winners Café

7, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos.




Jamb Change of Course/Institution 2018

  • Jamb Change of Course/Institution 2018

Hi Jambites! Its no longer news that Jamb Change of Course/Institution for 2018 is now on sale. So the question – is jamb change of course/ institution 2018 out? is out of question. Jamb change of course/ institution 2018 is out! Hurry now to effect any changes you have decided, maybe due to new information of circumstances beyond your control eg your result score.

There are many reasons why you should do it fast…

The form has been out for some time now and it might close anytime soon

Those who choose LASU can attest to the suffering they went thru for delaying  their change of institution and they nearly had hypertension due to tension.

So hurry now and do the needful… A word is enough for the wise…


If you are living around Surulere you can visit us to help you effect these changes.


DAT Café

Twins Plaza, No. 108, Lawanson Road, Ojuelegba opp AKTC Park, Ojuelegba under bridge.


DAT Café

Block 40,

Alhaji Masha Road

Surulere, Lagos.

Tel: 07066546868, 09069628223

The Best Internet Service(s) in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Best (Stable and Signal Strength) Internet Service in Lagos, Nigeria. In my over 10 years of using internet, I believe I can boldly point to one or two ISPs that are worth considering if you are really tired of bad internet and signal just as I was some time ago. My office can conveniently […]

The Cheapest Way to Buy AirTime and Pay Bills – Fresh!!!

The Cheapest Way to Buy AirTime and Pay Bills (Internet, Data, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, etc)

If  you are the type of person that wants to get as much value as you can get on things even as small as N100 recharge card, then you have to grab the newly launched Jumia One Payment Platform only available on Android and IOS for now. You can get it download from your Google play store or Apple store for free of course!

What make Jumia One special knowing that we have over 101 payment gateways plus including your internet banking interface? Read more

How to Resolve Invalid Email Address in Jamb Portal

Jambites! If you have just registered for the just concluded 2017/2018  Jamb registration and you found out that you could not login you are not alone.

There are basically two major reason for this error

  1. You misspelt your email address during the registration process

  2. You forgot your email password

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How to make a new year resolution

How to Download Youtube Videos

There are millions of videos on Youtube and most times you will find the ones you love and would want to download. Follow these simple steps to know how to download youtube videos or Watch here.

Youtube Home Page

Step 1.

Open Youtube on your browser (Firefox recommended for this tutorial) Read more