It was a waste of time and money, HynetFlex is a complete mess! Whoever brought up the idea should reverse it before it is too late.



Gee how far with your MTN HynetFlex? O boy dis thing na rubbish oo. Are you sure no be your area dey disturb am? No no no, other people dey complain the same thing. Just then I remembered a call I got from a customer service Rep informing that my HYNET (the old device) is due for swap. Hmm. I simply asked him why they were gonna change something that was working well? He simply said that HynetFlex can work anywhere even if the network signal is terrible and it is many times faster than the one I was currently using, then he chipped in the 4g talk.

As it turned out that statement was off the mark. If you are brave enough to tinker (maybe explore) with the settings, I think explore will do cos you don’t necessarily need to change anything, you will observe that the settings is set to 4g only. This means that in areas with no 4g coverage, you can as well go and sleep. Other network like Airtel spell it out clearly that ONLY WORKS in 4G coverage Area, while VDT allows for 4g/3g connection.

MTN HynetFlex Settings Page

Let me cut this long story short. So in spite of my friend’s warning I still went ahead to get the much hyped MTN HynetFlex, meeeen it was a complete waste of money. So as normal thing na, I dialed customer care, the person told me to restart the device, later they told me that I had exhausted my quote for that day (2gb) and I will only be able to surf at 512kps which is not a bad speed if they deliver but na lie o. Some few years back we were using Big for nothing Satellite dish (Shiron) and they supplied us less than 512kps and we were good (on 40 computers!). So when I see a bad deal I know.

MTN HynetFlex Login Page

The next morning I connected the HynetFlex to my laptop first thing in the morning and ran speed test on 3 different sites the result left me heart broken. So this guys are waAyOo. I repeated the process several times that week and I got mixed results so I decide to break the sim.

Please don’t get me wrong, if you are only interested in reading news and checking football scores, you got your trophy! I’m not too sure of the last one.

It was a waste of time and money, HynetFlex is a mess! Compared to the old Hynet. I have been on the old Hynet for almost 5 years now and I usually tell friends that MTN is the Great Grand Master of Data, but I think I might have been wrong. Whoever brought up the idea should reverse it before it is too late.

6 thoughts on “MTN HYNET FLEX REVIEW

  1. Just got one delivered to me yesterday, this thing doesn’t even last me an hour despite charging it for 4 to 5 hours. Sigh 🙁

    1. That is a battery problem, it has nothing to do with the speed. You can easily replace the power bank or visit their office for a replacement.

  2. Really, i was thinking of buying one. So what kind of modem is advisable to buy now, i currently got Ntel model last month but that is also a sorry case. quite slow even slower than my phones network.

    1. I can’t really say cos I have used WIFI.COM.NG and VDT and what I notice is that the latter is very ok around Surulere area. I think location and the number of customers on the network play a lot of role in how fast the connection is. Just keep trying.

  3. Can u buy a new mtn line and use it in a universal modem like ZTE to activate hynetflex? If yes, please how do I do it.

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