Jamb Registration 2019 Now On At All CBT Centres

Good news to all Jambites! The much awaited 2019 Jamb Registration is now on.


We at Dat Place are using this medium to wish you all a smooth registration process.

If you are yet to register please take some time to read our little guide to avoid some of the pitfalls.

  • Use MTN or Airtel for your Profile Codes (I did not bother to mention others because they are so bad, you may wait forever)
  •  Spell your Names Exactly the way you want them to appear Starting with your Surname, First Name and Other Name as applicable  (Surname Name Other Name), pay special attention to the SPELLINGS.
  • Email! Email!! Email!!! I can not emphasis this point enough. Make sure you verify your email address multiple times before you  use it. I mean you should check and double check the email (spelling) and password before you use it for your Jamb Registration. I will personally advice that you create a new email for this purpose. If you are using someone’s email address make sure they still remember the password, and the email is active and most importantly they are ready to share the password with you. If not, create your personal email to avoid heartbreaks.
  • DO NOT USE ANY EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER that has been used for Jamb Registration previously because the old profile may override your new Registration!
  • Write all your Registration information down in a safe place, Dairy, Phone, Email, Cloud, etc. Don’t trust your brain, you might forget!
  • Insist on knowing all your information, it is better and safer with you.
  • Know the difference between your Email, Email Password, Jamb Profile Code, Jamb User Name (usually your email address) and the Jamb Profile Password. You can ask the CBT Personnel for these information.
  • Make sure that you check your email immediately after your Registration to make sure that you received a notification in your email, this is a sign that things went smoothly. It is also important that you follow the whole process carefully to avoid any error at the different stages – from Email creation, Profile code, Registration, Result Upload etc.
  • Lastly, make sure you upload your result if you have the required number of credits. This will save you unnecessary stress and spending (of scanning and uploading of result) in the future.

We wish you all the best. If you need further assistance, send us a mail.




Hope Archibong  – 07066546868

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