ink absorber warning

How To Resolve Ink Absorber Error [B500]

Just like any modern device this days, they all come with error codes. The iP7240 printer has a dreaded error code that people often find difficult to understand – the error “B500”.

ink absorber warning

ink absorber

A very important thing to note is that this error don’t just occur, it comes with  series of warning on your screen as shown below.

ink absorber warning

ink absorber warning

So when the absorber is finally filled up, the sign is usually weird and can throw you off balance. But usually the sign to look out for is the alternating light (White & Yellow) that is, the On and Resume button light.  When you see this sign you should remember the “Ink Absorber Almost Full” warning.


How To Resolve Error B500 (Ink Absorber Full)

Step 1

Put the Printer in Service Mode

  1. Turn off the Printer
  2. Hold down the Resume Button
  3. While Still Holding the Resume Button Down, Press the On Button
  4. Release the Resume Button(while still  holding down the On button)
  5. Press the Resume Button 5 times
  6. Release the Two Button Together

Step 2

Clear the Error with the Service Software

  1. Launch the service Tool (If you followed  step one correctly all the options would be active)
  2. Under the Ink Absorber Counter Tab, Click :Set next to the Counter Value
  3. Under the Clear Ink Counter Tab, Click :Set next to the Absorber









Restart the printer and you are set to start using your machine again.


Good Luck!

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