How To Refill Canon Pixma IP Printer Cartridges

How To Refill Canon Pixma IP Printer Cartridges

One of the major concern for Canon Printer user is how to refill the ink cartridges that came with it if its even possible in the first place. The simple and straight answer is YES. It is possible to refill the cartridges and it works as smooth as you can imagine. The only draw back is that when you refill a cartridge it will still be showing the “low ink” message as you are printing. Otherwise, the printing is usually as smooth as before you refill the cartridge. Another point to note is that even after refilling the cartridge the printer can still be complaining of low ink, if this happens, you will have to hold down the “Resume” button for at least “5 seconds” to override the Error message.

Resume Button


      1. Pick up the cartridge and locate the position on top where you have the code
        Cartridge Code
      2. Use a sharp object like Board pin or compass to scratch/peel off the nylon at the code spot to reveal the tiny white ball used to cover the ink
      3. Use syringe to refill the ink as desired and use the white ball to lock it back. Note that you will have to hear or feel it snap in place when you are placing the ball back in place.
        Cartridge Ball

You can follow the video on how to refill you cartridge here

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