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How To Protect Your Self Online (Use someone else computer without leaving behind your information)

If you are always afraid to use your mail or carry out online activities on another person’s PC, Laptop or Phone you are not alone.

With bad guys everywhere looking for whom to devour, you can never be too careful.

Protect Your Back

There is genuine fair people express when using other people’s device to access their personal (sensitive) materials. This is because sometimes information entered into online forms like user name and password maybe stored on such browsers which may later be called up by ‘bad guys’.

These information may also be stored in the browser’s history and recalled at a later time.

I have seen people really scared to access information yet they really need to use such information. The saddest part is that they have no clue as to how they can prevent the system from saving their info or leaving behind personal data after they are through.

Modern browsers allows you to browse without leaving a trail behind. This makes sure that no one can recall your information after you have closed (exit) the browser.

When it comes to protection of user info, Google Chrome has a feature for that, known as “incognito” as shown in the picture above.

To open an “incognito” tab, press Alt + F and select ‘New incognito window’.

Google chrome incognito window

This window(browser) works just like the normal browser only difference being that it does not store your browsing history, password or user name etc.

But note that your ISP, website owner can still see your activities or your system administration if you are connected to a server system.

To prevent monitoring at that level you will have to install a VPN. So you can now feel free to use other’s computer, PC’s!

Take the above precaution and your are good to go.

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