How To Print CD/DVD Label with iP7240

How to Print on Disc Labels (CD/DVD/BD)

It is fairly simple and straight forward to print on CD/DVD using the Canon iP7240

•    Do not open/insert CD tray in the CD compartment  until a message prompting you to load a printable disc appears.

•    Loading a printable disc while the printer is operating may damage the printer.
1.    Start Label Print.

2.    Click New

3.    Select the image(s) you want to use for a disc label (CD/DVD/BD) and drag it into the interface.

4.    Select the printer if you have multiple printers installed on your PC

5.    Click Print and Edit other Parameters according to your preference in The Print Settings dialog that would appear.

6.    Set the number of copies to print, the saturation and position, etc.

•    If you are an advanced user, you can click the Printer Button for advance features
7.    Click Print.
A message appears.
9.    Click OK of Press the Resume Button to Start Printing.
The Print dialog appears.


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