How to Plan/ Make a New Year Resolution


Maybe today’s conversation should be ‘how to make a new year resolution you can stick to’ or something close to that, you know what I mean right?

Most people don’t have a problem with making new year resolutions but how to see it through, while others don’t have a clue as to where or how to even start.

Whatever category you may fall in, you can follow these simple 7 steps to make a great new year resolution.

The Simple 7 Steps to a Great New Year Resolution

  1. Decide you want to make a resolution


Until you decide to do something nothing would happen. If you want to make this year a great year for you then you have to start with some small but critical decisions.

2. You must know why you want to do this

Why do I want to do this?

Having a strong reason behind your decision can have a psychological boast and act as a strong force to push you through the duration of your plan.

3. What do stand to gain?

What’s in for me?

By taking this simple but yet powerful step, how much do you stand to benefit? Would you look back at the end of the year and say to yourself ‘I’m glad I made this decision’ or conversely would you beat yourself for not doing what you had to do at the end of the day? Which is exactly what the next point is saying.

4.What do stand to loose?

Can I stand losing?

How much price are you prepared to pay in future for what you  would have done today in your own terms and condition? A subtle truth is that most times it is easier to calculate the gain than the loses we incur.

5. What time do you want to start?

When do I start?

There is the saying that the best time to have done something was yesterday, and the next best time is today. Whether this is true in all circumstance or not the moral in this saying is that delay is dangerous. Once you have decided on what to do, try and start as soon as possible. The best corrections are made(noted) in  the process of doing not before.

6. Tell someone about it

Keep tab on me

Like my mentor would always say, get an accountability partner. Yes! someone who would always check on your progress and possibly put you back on track. The importance of this step can not be over emphasized. It is a well known fact that even the most disciplined person can slack if there is not room for checks. These are some of the reason why many professional have personal trainers or coaches.

7. Start


Until you start you have not set to achieve anything. Starting is the most difficult step, once you have conquered this step you are well on your way to having a great year.


  • Stop to review your progress
  • Ask others for help
  • Write down your discoveries during this period

You can add your own points in the comment section. Will be looking forward to sharing in your experience and success.

All the best!

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