How To Resolve Captcha Error on Google Search Page

Prove you are not a robot! Can you beat that? That annoying message that keeps coming up when you want to search on google.

If you are tired of captcha errors, tired of entering numbers and text without an end in sight then follow this simple steps on how to resolve or bypass catch page.


From my personal experience, the most common reason for captcha error is incomplete url address. Sometimes when a person types a word or phrase in the address (url), google will come up with the sites associated with the keywords, at other times it will bring up the captch error (endlessly).



Type in the full web address instead of a word or phrase. Example: Instead of typing “yahoo”., just go ahead and enter the full address as ””.


If you have typed in the full address in the address (url) or into google and it still brings up the captcha, the use “YAHOO SEARCH” instead. This method is 100% fail proof.

yahoo search box

Don’t forget that yahoo! is still a search engine, so when google fails, call on yahoo! It still a somewhat similar if not the same result. Give it a try.

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