The Best Internet Service(s) in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Best (Stable and Signal Strength) Internet Service in Lagos, Nigeria. In my over 10 years of using internet, I believe I can boldly point to one or two ISPs that are worth considering if you are really tired of bad internet and signal just as I was some time ago. My office can conveniently […]

The Cheapest Way to Buy AirTime and Pay Bills – Fresh!!!

The Cheapest Way to Buy AirTime and Pay Bills (Internet, Data, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, etc)

If  you are the type of person that wants to get as much value as you can get on things even as small as N100 recharge card, then you have to grab the newly launched Jumia One Payment Platform only available on Android and IOS for now. You can get it download from your Google play store or Apple store for free of course!

What make Jumia One special knowing that we have over 101 payment gateways plus including your internet banking interface? Read more

How to Resolve Invalid Email Address in Jamb Portal

Jambites! If you have just registered for the just concluded 2017/2018  Jamb registration and you found out that you could not login you are not alone.

There are basically two major reason for this error

  1. You misspelt your email address during the registration process

  2. You forgot your email password

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