OAU, OOU – Pre Degree Form and Jupeb Forms Are Now on Sale

Admission for Pre-degree Programme 2019/2020 Applications is now on sale. For Obafemi Awolowo University and Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Eligible Candidates must possess minimum of 5 Credits including English Language (for ALL Courses), Mathematics (for Science-based and Social Science-based Courses) and Literature-in-English (for Law).

For students interested in OAU click here for more details.

The price for the form is 15,000 Naira excluding Bank and cyber Cafe charges.

For OOU students you can click here to get the full details which is similar to the one above except for the price which is 8,000 Naira.

Available Subject Combinations For Pre Degree Courses.

These are all the available subject combinations. Note that English Language is compulsory for all candidates.

Options/FieldsSubject Combinations
ArtsGovernment/Literature in English/Religious Studies (GLR)
Economics/ Government/Literature in English (EGL)
Biological SciencesBiology/Chemistry/Physics (BCP)
Physical SciencesChemistry/ Mathematics/ Physics (CMP)
Geography/ Mathematics/ Physics (GMP)
Social SciencesEconomics/Government/Mathematics (EGM)
Mathematics/Geography/Economics (MGE)

Application form for OAU will close on the 18th of October, 2019.

If you are close to any of the following Cyber Cafes you can go and process your Form there.

DAT CYBER CAFE – Twin Plaza, 108 Ojuelegba, Opp AKTC Park. 07066546868

DAT CYBER CAFE – Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos. 09069628223,

FASTNET CYBER CAFE – 7, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 08164858210

EASY PLACE CYBER CAFE, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

WAEC Requirements For Issuance of New Certificate or Attestation of Result

Burnt WAEC Certificate

Are you looking to replace a lost/destroyed/misplaced certificate? or You simply want to get an attestation for the time being?

If you are looking for a solution for your lost WAEC certificate, you can approach WAEC office to get a replacement certificate or at least an attestation to cover you for your loss.

Requirements For Replacement of Lost WAEC Certificate


The management of WAEC has approved the issuance of attestation of Results to candidates as replacement for lost or damaged certificates.

To get the attestation, simply provide the following items as required.

  1. Police report on lost or damaged certificate
  2. Sworn affidavit for collection of Attestation of Result
  3. Birth certificate or any other relevant document that shows your date of birth (Int’l Passport, Voter’s card, National ID, etc)
  4. Photocopy of the said Certificate/ Result if available
  5. Your passport photograph
  6. And Administrative fee of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira only) cas draft payable to WAEC.

All the items to be submitted to WAEC office for processing.

Requirement for Reprinting of Certificates

  1. Payment/Receipt of Payment for the Certificate
  2. Online Printout of the Result (for the certificate)
  3. Your passport photograph
Price list for Re-issuance of WAEC Certificate

For clarifications and other information visit the nearest WAEC office to you.

How To Retrieve Lost WAEC Examination Number

Requirements by WAEC Office For Retrieving Lost Examination Number

How To Get Back Lost Exam Number

If you lost your WAEC exam number the exam body has made provision for you to retrieve the exam number. Because (not so) bad things happens, you can sometimes loose something very important like this one.

To get back your exam number you need to provide:

  1. Sworn affidavit for loss of examination number
  2. Attach the receipt for the above process (affidavit)
  3. Passport Photograph ( White or Red Background x 4 )
  4. Retrieval fee of N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira Only)
  5. Exam Checker Scratch card Charge and Printing Charge (totaling N1,000 or thereabout).

All these things must be submitted to the nearest WAEC Regional office to you.

How To Retrieve Lost WAEC Exam No by Another Person (Proxy)

If you are outside the country and you can’t undergo the process by yourself, someone else can do that on your behalf.

The Process for another person to help you retrieve you WAEC Exam number from WAEC office is slightly different from retrieving it by yourself.

The following are the requirement if another person wants to help you get your WAEC Exam number from WAEC office.

  1. Sworn affidavit for loss of examination number (proxy format (must be specified on the affidavit)).
  2. Attach the receipt for the above process (affidavit)
  3. Passport Photograph of the owner and the person collecting on your behalf ( White or Red Background x 4 )
  4. Letter of Authority (stating that you have authorised the person to collect the result on your behalf ) addressed to : The Manager, Customer Service Centre, WAEC , State – Country.
  5. A photocopy of your International Passport, Passport Data Page, Visa Page, Resident Permit.
  6. Proxy/Collector’s Valid ID Card (National ID Card/Passport)
  7. The list of subjects you took in that exams and the corresponding scores/grades
  8. Exam Checker Scratch card Charge and Printing Charge (totaling N1,000 or thereabout).

Hopefully, with these you can get back your WAEC exam number. Good luck!

What Do I Need To Have Before I Can Start My Own Business?

Every entrepreneur has ask himself or someone else this question at least once before deciding what next step to take or thing(s) to do.

If you find yourself asking the same questions that millions have asked, you should not be too afraid because experience is here to guide you. Countless numbers of people have asked the same questions and a few have attempted finding answers. While many have failed some have succeeded.

You too can join in the success story be learning from mistakes and tapping from great experience and timeless principles of business success.

Below is my top 5 pick for things to consider

  1. Location:- I consider location at the very top of things to consider when you want to start your own business. whether its an online (internet) business, regular shop, whatever, you have to consider how you position yourself to be seen. Where are your target customers/client? Will they locate where you are? How long will it take them to find you? Or you want to be visible right from the word go? It is very important that you are seen, heard, noticed. This is what I consider as your location. You must be where the market is.
  2. What do People really need? :- If you sell what people don’t need then you know you won’t last. Like the old saying goes – businesses exist to meet needs. Meaning they exist to offer products or services that are needed. The flip side to this is that since sales drive product and services, any business or product that can not attract enough sales/patronage will die out.
  3. Do you have the required skill? – You have to decide if you have the required skill set to run the kind of business you want to venture into. You have to be blunt to yourself here. If you know you don’t, then you have to engage a professional to help out in aspects you are lacking. If it requires getting a crash course go get it! Or partner with someone who can compliment your skillsets.
  4. Do you have all the money you need? This question is very important. Do you have what it takes? Or you are banking on your friends, relatives, etc? You have to be sure because people can change their minds. If you are expecting money from someone or a financial institution make you have it in your possession before you go too far to withdraw. These days banks and financial institutions are ready to give loans to new business so far they can meet their conditions.
  5. Set out To Build a Brand : You must know that what you do or fail to do will determine to success or failure of your business. Make sure you are really interested in solving a problem or taking care of a need. The money will come as a consequence of these genuine efforts. With time your business will come to be known as a brand which clearly cares and meets people’s need.
Stand out

See you at the top as you stand out from the crowds by being clear with what you want to do and the direction you want to take your company to.

How to Extend The Life Span of Your Canon Printer Head

Canon Printer Head

Dear Canon Printer User, do you wish to prolong the life of your printer head? Are you tired of replacing your printer head frequently? Are your print heads missing some colours?

Well, it turns out that machines are not so much different from other important things in life. with little tweak and adjustment here and there you can achieve longer life for your printhead.

Genuine Canon Inks

One of the most important things to note when trying to prolong your printhead life is the quality of the ink you use on your printer. Some inks are termed Generic while some are Specific or Specialised. The later means they are made for a specific brand, taking into consideration the characteristics of the printer vis-a-vis the printhead. So high quality ink translate to longer printer head life.

Clogged Printer Cartridges

The second thing I have also discovered about printer head is that it hardly fails on its own. So when you notice a missing colour don’t just rush to discard your printhead, it might be a faulty cartridge or cartridges. Faulty cartridges (sensors) may send wrong signal to the printer board or it might refuse to release inks due to dryness of clogging.

Print Result Pattern for Clogged and Unclogged Printer Head

Before you discard your printer head try getting a new set of cartridge, might just be what you need. A little flush with clean rushing water might also do the magic of unclogging your printer head.


Kyocera (Utax) Laser Printer – Product Review

Kyocera Printer Review

Why is it that anytime I want to refill the printer toner I have to either replace the drum, printing blade or cartridge sensor? Again, again and again.

I am looking for a durable printer that would not require me to change drum or blade or both anytime I refill my toner or needs cartridge sensor, you know what I mean right? Well, that was me back in the day when I had not found the real deal.
Thank God my search and research led me to Kyaocera (aka Utax). This (laser) printer is reputed to have a lifetime drum, meaning changing of the drum is a thing of the past (terms and conditions apply) provided you stick to the recommended toner type. No need to replace the cartridge sensor. So just save yourself a lot of stress and worry only about toner. Refill and print… Click here to read more or see available models.
If you are running a small or big office, a business centre, cyber café, print shop, or you simply need a printer that does not need too much technical knowledge to operate, this printer is a must-have.
A printer that uses USB and network cable connection, can be passworded, has page counter, duplex (back and front) print and big paper loader.

Draw back: A little draw back I have noticed about this product is that it requires a lot of energy to power and when you initiate printing. But its ability to go into sleep mode when idle is a plus for power saving.

Product Review – Parsun Generator Set

Parsun Generator Review

Are you looking to buy a new generator set for your home, office or business? Are you confused of which product to choose from the many brands in the market? Are you looking for a good, durable and standard product? Are you looking for the best Chinese Generator in the market? Then read this conversion I had with my gen mechanic before I bought my new gen set.

Hope, there is this gen I want you to buy, it is made in China but it is Japanese engineering,… What’s the name Sir? Parsun. The gen is very rugged. That is all I needed., my former generator has been giving me much stress that even my mechanic was feeling for. He had to recommend this product, even when it meant reduced work (pay) for him.
This generator set is not so popular and sellers don’t like to display it because it means you won’t be coming back anytime some for replacement. Truth is if you can’t afford Original Yamaha, Honda, etc, the next best thing is Parsun.
I’m not so much about specifics like cylinder head, KVA, size, etc, just the product. Whatever size you pick will depend on your load but this thing is worth every penny.

If your business depends on power most times then give it a go. Been using it for some years now, just change plug and oil boom! Like a bull dog, it pulls above its weight.

The sound is relatively low and it can run for very long without getting excessively hot. The last point is particularly important for the life of any generator or machine.


It is no longer news that President Mohammadu Buhari has appointed 43 Ministers to help him achieve his Next Level Agenda.
Below is the list of the new ministers and their respective ministries. In alphabetical order.
Some Ministers have been returned while some are fresh to the Ministerial business. This is wishing them success in their various assignment for the good of Nigerians.

State of Abia
Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah
Federal Minister of State Mines and Steel Development
State of Adamawa
Muhammadu Musa Bello
Federal Minister of Federal Capital Territory
State of Akwa Ibom
Sen. Godswill Akpabio
Federal Minister of Niger Delta
State of Anambra
Dr. Chris N. Ngige
Federal Minister of Labour and Employment
State of Anambra
Sharon O. Ikeazor
Federal Minister of State Environment
State of Bauchi
Adamu Adamu
Federal Minister of Education
State of Bauchi
Amb. Mariam Y. Katagum
Federal Minister of State Industry, Trade and Investment
State of Bayelsa
Timipre Sylva
Federal Minister of State Petroleum Resource
State of Benue
Sen. George Akume
Federal Minister of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs
State of Borno
Mustapha Baba Shehuri
Federal Minister of State Agriculture and Rural Development
State of Cross River
Goddy Jedy – Agba
Federal Minister of State Power
State of Delta
Festus Keyamo, SAN
Federal Minister of State Niger Delta
State of Ebonyi
Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu
Federal Minister of Science and Technology
State of Edo
Dr. Osagie Ehanire
Federal Minister of Health
State of Edo
Clement IKanade Agba
Federal Minister of State Budget and National Planning
State of Ekiti
Otunba Richard Adeniyi Adebayo
Federal Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment
State of Enugu
Geoffrey Onyeama
Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs
State of Gombe
Dr. Ali Isa Ibrahim Pantami
Federal Minister of Communications
State of Imo
Emeka Nwajiuba
Federal Minister of State Education
State of Jigawa
Engr. Suleiman H. Adamu
Federal Minister of Water Resources
State of Kaduna
Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed
Federal Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning
State of Kaduna
Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud
Federal Minister of Environment
State of Kano
Sabo Nanono
Federal Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
State of Kano
Maj. Gen. (RTD) Bashir Salihi Magashi
Federal Minister of Defence
State of Katsina
Mr. President
Federal Minister of Petroleum Resources
State of Katsina
Sen. Hadi Sirika
Federal Minister of Aviation
State of Kebbi
Abubakar Malami
Honourable Attorney General and Federal Minister of Justice
State of Kogi
Ramatu Tijjani
Federal Minister of State Federal Capital Territory
State of Kwara
Lai Mohammed
Federal Minister of Information and Culture
State of Kwara
Gbemisola Saraki
Federal Minister of State Transportation
State of Lagos
Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN)
Federal Minister of Works and Housing
State of Lagos
Sen. Adeleke O. Mamora
Federal Minister of State Health
State of Nasarawa
Mohammed H. Abdullahi
Federal Minister of State Science and Technology
State of Niger
Amb. Zubairu Dada
Federal Minister of State Foreign Affairs
State of Ogun
Arch. Olamilekan Adegbite
Federal Minister of Mines and Steel Development
State of Ondo
Sen. Tayo D. Alasoadura
Federal Minister of State Labour and Employment
State of Osun
Rauf Aregbesola
Federal Minister of Interior
State of Oyo
Sunday Dare
Federal Minister of Youth and Sports
State of Plateau
Pauline Tallen
Federal Minister of Women Affairs
State of Rivers
Rotimi Amaechi
Federal Minister of Transportation
State of Sokoto
Muhammadu Maigari Dingyadi
Federal Minister of Police Affairs
State of Taraba
Eng. Saleh Mamman
Federal Minister of Power
State of Yobe
Abubakar D. Aliyu
Federal Minister of State Works and Housing
State of Zamfara
Sa’adiya Umar Farouk
Federal Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development

How To Generate Remita (RRR) Payment Number

Do you wish to generate Remita payment? Are you trying to pay for a service using Remita code (RRR number)?

Some payment are pretty straight forward while others are a bit complicated. Whatever it is be rest assured that the process is fairly simple and short.

To pay for WAEC exams result checker or GCE Registration, for example, is simply because all you have to do is open Remita site on www.remita.net and click Buy WAEC Pin as shown in the image above.

For other payment like NIMC (National Identity Card Management ) for instance, follow the steps below;

  1. Browse to www. remita.net
  2. Click Pay FGN and State TSA

3. Click FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria

4. Fill in the information as requested

Who do you want to pay? NIMC

Name of Service/Purpose? Correction of Name, Reprint of Slip, etc

Amount? Enter the amount you are told by the NIMC officials (Make sure you verify the right amount for that particular service, else you will be returned).

Payer’s Name? Type your full name as it appears in your document or how you wish it to appear henceforth starting with your Surname followed with your First name then Middle name.

Add your phone number and email and other things.

Note that even though email is not mandatory if you misplaced this remita number you can request for same if you entered you email address.

How do you want to pay? Specify your preferred mode of payment ; ATM card, Internet banking, Banking Hall, etc.

Tick the I’m not a robot box and follow the instruction, then submit and printout, enter your Card details or Internet Banking details depending on your selection choice.

If you are close to any of the following Cyber Cafes you can go and process your Form there.

DAT CYBER CAFE – Twin Plaza, 108 Ojuelegba, Opp AKTC Park. 07066546868

DAT CYBER CAFE – Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos. 09069628223,

FASTNET CYBER CAFE – 7, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 08164858210

EASY PLACE CYBER CAFE, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

How to upload (WAEC/NECO) result on Jamb Website

Are you looking to upload your WAEC or NECO Result on Jamb Website? Did you register with Awaiting Result or you received a message to that effect? Well, whatever it is, Jamb has directed that candidates should upload their results on her website to facilitate their admission process.

This is good news for those who were waiting for their results to be released or those who have better results in their just (newly) released result.

If you wish to upload or update your Result(s) on Jamb website, then you have to visit the closest CBT centre to you. You can also visit selected Cyber Cafes to inquire if they can assist you in this regard.

If you are close to any of the following Cyber Cafes you can go and process your Form there.

DAT CYBER CAFE – Twin Plaza, 108 Ojuelegba, Opp AKTC Park. 07066546868

DAT CYBER CAFE – Block 40, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos. 09069628223,

FASTNET CYBER CAFE – 7, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 08164858210

EASY PLACE CYBER CAFE, Oriyomi Street, Ikeja, Lagos.